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How to Winterize Your Pontoon

Now that the winter is rapidly approaching, it is time to take the necessary steps to winterize your pontoon and ensure that your boat is in top shape when you get ready to take it back out on the water. Although it sounds like a no-brainer, the first thing you’ll need to do is secure […]

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Pontoon Boat Names

While choosing a name for your pontoon boat may not seem like an important thing to do, many boat owners find that it is a critical step in getting a new boat. With all the money, maintenance, care and great times you will have on your new pontoon, it just seems right to give it […]

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Types of Boat Hulls

Boats come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. One thing is universal when it comes to boats: They all have hulls. Boat hulls also vary in shapes and sizes, but can be broadly categorized to fit a few specific boating needs. We’ve summarized various types of boat hulls, and the strengths and weaknesses of […]

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The Types of Pontoons

At Manitou Pontoon Boats, we specialize in making great aluminum pontoons, but we realize that there are many other types of pontoons on the market, and they each have their advantages and disadvantages. We’d like to summarize those out for you so you can arm yourself with information before shopping for your next pontoon boat.

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Differences between an extended car warranty and extended boat warranties

Many people either own or are aware of the extended warranties associated with cars, but not everyone is aware that they’re also available for boats. While to some degree auto warranties have a shaky rap (though this should be seen on a case by case basis), it’s worth seeing if an extended warranty for a […]

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Dealing with Seasickness

Motion sickness is something we hear about all the time in our industry, but people get motion sick all the time, when put in motion in a boat, car, airplane or even roller coaster. Medically, motion sickness is a result of your brain experiencing temporary balance and sensory confusion. The vestibular system of the inner […]

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This blog post is courtesy of SavvyBoater, which carries a wide selection of top-quality pontoon boat covers, bimini tops,  boat seats and fenders. A pontoon boat is great for fishing, family outings and parties. No longer looking as if they were built for your grandpa and his fishing buddies, today’s pontoon boats offer smooth rides […]

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How Fast Is A Pontoon Boat?

Dinosaurs, Bowling Balls and Lance Armstrong Ten things slower than a pontoon boat To honor Manitou Pontoon Boats’ fastest model, the X-plode, we’ve come up with a list of things this 55 mph-reaching pontoon would be faster than. Take a look at what (or who) such a no-holds-barred boat would leave in its wake.

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