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What’s Happening This Month: A New Brochure from Manitou

That’s right, folks. Keep your eyes open for a new Manitou Pontoon Boats brochure that will be emerging very soon. So, what’s so great about it? “This year we concentrated on providing the customers with all the information they need on the boats while at the same time maintaining an artistically creative, visually appealing brochure […]

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NE Fishing and Hunting Guide Listings

Many of our Manitou pontoon owners are big outdoorsy types we’ve learned over the years. We can certainly appreciate the love of hunting and fishing and we always appreciate a good vacation. With that in mind, we thought we’d put together a few resources for our readers built around these interests. This, our friends, is […]

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Michigan Boat Storage Locations & Map

Looking for a place to store your pontoon boat (or other boat if you’re not so lucky) this Winter? Well, fear not, we’ve collected a long list of places that offer boat docking and storage. The handy Google map below will also let you click around and find more information on each of the locations […]

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Avast! September 19 is International Talk Like a Pirate Day

What started as a round of insults in pirate jargon between two friends in 1995 has since become a worldwide phenomenon. Ever since the popular columnist Dave Barry wrote about Talk Like a Pirate Day in 2002, fans have continually popped up in places as far as Australia and South America. Mark Summers and John Baur, […]

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National Water Quality Month: How Can You Contribute?

If there’s one thing we all love, it’s the water. Whether you’re out on your boat, taking a shower, drinking from a water bottle, or watering your plants, water plays a vital role in our lives and we certainly would be in trouble without access to this necessary resource. August is National Water Quality Month, […]

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5 Ways to Green Your Boat

With environmental concern on the rise, green products and practices are high in demand. Consumers constantly look for items that are both clean and cost-efficient. When it comes to transportation, there is a plethora of information about cars. When it comes to boats, perhaps not so much is available. Fortunately, a number of steps can […]

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Boating Education Infographics: Part 6

For those engaging in water sports and those operating or riding on boats, knowledge of hand signals is necessary for proper communication. Take a few moments to refresh your memory with the graphic below. For more information on boating safety visit  

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Boating Education Infographics: Part 5

What to do if someone falls overboard. Has this ever happened to you? For more information on boating safety visit  

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National Safe Boating Week Wrap-Up

Today is the 26th of May, which means the 2012 National Safe Boating Week has officially passed. With all the information out there including what we have shared, that from the National Safe Boating Council, and everything else others have published, we hope you have learned a lot more about safe boating (or at least […]

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Weekend Updates

Next week we will return with more posts on boating tips and cautionary boating tales, but we just wanted to offer a quick weekend update to refresh your memory on some of the important events happening. Don’t forget today is the official start of the 2012 National Safe Boating Week and it runs through the […]

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